Palma Plaza by Dick Clark + Associates: Clean and Contemporary Design on a Quiet Residential

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 6

Design firm Dick Clark + Associates has completed the design and decoration of a Palma Plaza located in Austin, Texas with 3,300 sf area. The project combines clean residential architecture with chic interior placement.

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The harmony between elegance and sophistication with traditional design elements is the hallmark of this space. The living room is located in the center of the house.

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 6

Without trying to disturb the harmony of the existing neighborhood, the team at Dick Clark + Associates tried to incorporate as much as contemporary touch as possible.

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 4

The method then took the shape of a design that incorporates many large glass doors that makes the room always filled with natural light from the yard. The simple and sophisticated interior décor brings a classic touch to the entire room.

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 8

The villa consists of 3 bedrooms and 1 kitchen, designed with spacious and airy space. A variety of interior trim items ranging from material to style have been used, including woven and velvet chairs, wood, stone, and carpet.

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All combine to create elegance and convenience for the villa. The entire villa is painted white in harmony with the wooden floor and using neutral decorative materials such as beige or white, giving this place a mellow and gentle atmosphere.

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 3

The consequent glazing on all the facades offers views to the outside from each room and brings good light inside.

Palma Plaza By Dick Clark Associates 1

From the garden, the house is quite original, part of it seems to have been raised and then placed and nested on its lower level. Finally, the various coatings visually separate the spaces.


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Photography: Paul Bardagjy

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