Phinney Residence: A Modern Family House with A Beautiful Rooftop Deck

Phinney Residence 2

Located in Seattle’s Phinney Ridge neighborhood, Phinney Residence is a modern family house designed by Elemental Architecture. This house sits on a very challenging lot that has 2,000 square feet in size. It offers a beautiful rooftop deck as an entertaining area to enjoy the views.


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Phinney Residence 2

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Designed for a young family, this 2510 sqft house is located on a small in-fill lot. The lot is the challenge of this project because there is just 2000 sqft with an access easement that covers a portion of the southwest corner.

With that kind of challenge, there is a situation where the footprint of the building covers a part of the yard so it is necessary to capture the outdoor space on the building’s structure. This also makes the floor plan reversed and allows the main spaces of the house access view, light, and outdoor space easily.



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There is a welcoming contrast inside this house with various furniture and wall coverings chosen by the homeowners. A stair to the main living level can maintain a visual connection to the street. This stair is transparent so everyone can see and feel the indoor activities.

An exterior deck leads to a stunning view of the roof deck that overlooks Puget Sound and Ballard while the upper level of this house opens to a west-facing deck.


Phinney Residence Gallery

Photographer: Mel Curtis