Understanding the Characteristics of a Good Poster Design

Cool Poster Design Idea 28

Good poster design has certain characteristics that can easily attract a lot of viewers. Here is the complete explanation.


The poster is one of the longest-used promotional media. The use of posters as an advertising tool dates to 1796 when a German, Alois Senefelder, succeeded in finding a particular printing method that was cheap and could be used on a large scale.

Designing posters requires not only creativity but also a clear concept. Also, a good poster design must have some criteria to be able to attract people who see it.

What Makes s Poster Good?

First, keep in mind that creative artwork is subject to a personal view. Some people might have a bias opinion about good poster design.

Here are some common characteristics of good poster design:

  • It has Clear and Concise Message

Just like other promotional media, the main purpose of a poster is to convey certain messages to people who see them. This purpose cannot be fulfilled if the design does not have a clear and concise message.

Whether you design a poster to promote a certain product, raise awareness of the community, or advertise an event, the poster you make must be able to convey a clear message in a short time.

  • It Targets a Specific Audience

Targeting a specific audience is far more effective at promoting something. As a visual media, posters can leave a different impression in everyone’s eyes. So make sure you always know who will take a look at your poster.

  • It has Captivating Color

A good poster design always has attractive colors to attract people. The colors do not appear boring and lame but have been adjusted to the message that was intended to be conveyed through the design.

Furthermore, it is also worth to notice that the quality of the material used in your poster (like ink or paper) also affects the overall quality.


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  1. Hi Nadin,

    Great article. I really like poster design idea #9 (“Rise” of geometric sun). Do you know where I can find the original or a poster print of it? Do you know the artist?

    Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!


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