Basic Principles of Poster Design

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Here are three basic principles you can follow to begin your poster design project.


The main purpose of a poster is conveying a particular message or information. It should be supported by the great visual presentation and appealing typography. To create a well-balanced poster, here are some basic principles that can be applied to your poster design project.

1. Make the key information easy to read

First thing first, a good poster should be able to deliver the intended message in the best possible way. This can be realized by choosing an outstanding design for the key information. Use contrast color or distinct typography to make the main information easy to read. Therefore, it will catch other people’s attention, even when they only dart a glance or see the poster from a distance.

2. Choose the best visual representation

Besides text, visual aids (i.e., images, illustration, or photograph) also play an important role in creating a great poster. When choosing a visual representation for your poster, make sure you choose one with a focal point. Such visual aid can provide a clearer understanding of the information you intend to convey. As a side note, the text and its images should be arranged in an equal amount of contrast to highlight the central point of each.

3. Consider making some spaces

With the aim of increasing the readability of your poster, consider to include some extra spaces between the texts and other poster elements. According to professionals, extra spacing can create a greater visual impact on the readers. It can be placed almost everywhere, from between lines of text, around the poster margin, or even between the different elements.

Those are three basic principles you can follow when designing a poster for the promotional or informational purpose. However, you are always free to spice things up by combining different ideas. After all, a poster design—and all kinds of design, for that matter—is supposed to be based on your creative thought.




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