15 Purple Wedding Ideas

One more the best color theme for your wedding, the purple wedding theme. Some people may not familiar to use the purple color for their wedding. In fact, this color has a beautiful effect for everything in your wedding. You can use a purpler color for the bride, purple centerpiece for the wedding table. a purpler yummy wedding cake, and many more. Besides the purple color, you may need to combine it with another color such as white. Need more ideas? Take a look at these 15 purple wedding ideas first.


1. Purple Wedding Cake

Purple Wedding Ideas 1

Source: Pinterest

This purple wedding cake is a kind of simple cake without too much decoration on it. The purple flowers on the top make the cake looks beautiful.


2. Purple Wedding Guestbook

Purple Wedding Ideas 2

Source: Pinterest

A heart guestbook is a nice idea for your wedding. It will be turned into something more awesome if you can also use a purple box for the heart.


3. Elegant Purple Candle

Purple Wedding Ideas 3

Source: Pinterest

This wedding candle is decorated with some awesome purples flower. The flower is tied with a rustic yarn, so it looks so natural.


4. Purple Wedding Decor

Purple Wedding Ideas 4

Source: Pinterest

This wedding board actually not only has a purple flower on it. It has three kinds of purple color, the dark purple, the light purple, and the white flower on the top.


5. Purple Wedding Centerpiece

Purple Wedding Ideas 5

Source: Pinterest

The purple flowers and other flowers are designed nicely with the floating candles. Using a wooden basket, you can make an awesome centerpiece.


6. Sparkling Purple Table

Purple Wedding Ideas 6

Source: Pinterest

The purple color on this wedding table is so special. It has a sparkling effect which is so beautiful. The purpler flowers are also matching to the table cover.


7. Rustic Chic Purple Wedding Cake

Purple Wedding Ideas 7

Source: Pinterest

You can try to make a wedding cake with a rustic style complete with the purple color too. You will have a unique wedding cake ever.


8. Dried Lavender Centerpiece

Purple Wedding Ideas 8

Source: Pinterest

It is much better if you can use a purple color from natural things just like this one. It is a wedding centerpiece with the lavender flowers.


9. Purple Wedding Rose Cake

Purple Wedding Ideas 9

Source: Pinterest

The purple rose on this wedding cake comes from the yummy cupcakes. It looks perfect with the top decoration for the bride and the groom.


10. Purple Outdoor Wedding

Purple Wedding Ideas 10

Source: Pinterest

This outdoor wedding uses some natural branches with the wood bases and some purple accents. It looks natural and also beautiful.


11. Purple Floating Candle

Purple Wedding Ideas 11

Source: Pinterest

The floating candle will be great if it can also be decorated with flower. Then if you choose a purple wedding theme, you can use a purple flower for it.


12. Purple Wedding Bouquet

Purple Wedding Ideas 12

Source: Pinterest

Don’t forget about the bouquet for the bride too. It must be cool to have a purple bouquet which is perfect for the bride and her dress.


13. Sparkling Purple Table

Purple Wedding Ideas 13

Source: Pinterest

The sparkling accent on this wedding table is nice to be seen. The decoration on the table is beautiful too with the flowers and the candles.


14. Purple Wedding Reception

Purple Wedding Ideas 14

Source: Pinterest

These wedding table receptions are decorated with purple table covers. The purple color looks awesome with the white chairs too.


15. Starry Night Wedding Decor

Purple Wedding Ideas 15

Source: Pinterest

This starry night wedding decor like this is so amazing. The purple color accent comes perfectly with the lights and the flower decoraration.

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