16 Awesome Retro Lamp Design

People often get confused between vintage and retro. Both of them are different styles. Vintage is a popular style and mode from 1920 to 1960. Retro comes from 1970 until 1990. That’s why retro style looks more simple than the vintage style. Today, the retro design can be found easily on many things, including a lamp. If you want to get a retro style for your home interior, then you need to get the lamp with its retro design too. If you still don’t know what kind of style the retro is, here are 16 retro lamp designs for you.


1. Retro Floor Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 1

Source: Pinterest

Instead of using a table lamp, you need to try to use a floor lamp too. A floor lamp with a recent awesome design like retro surely will make your home looks awesome.


2. Stylish Retro Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 2

Source: Pinterest

This lamp is not only stylish with the pattern on it but also the cube shape of it. The color is also cool for a kind of a table lamp.


3. Retro Lamp with Retro Wall Decor

Retro Lamp Design 3

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, you have to match the lamp design between the wall decoration near it. The purpose is to make the retro style looks perfect.


4. Retro Gincobilobo Floor Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 4

Source: Pinterest

The retro lamp design can come from any kind of design and shape. Even a lamp with Gincobilobo design can be the best lamp for your home.


5. Yellow Retro Floor Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 5

Source: Pinterest

The yellow retro floor lamp looks perfect, especially with the sofa and the yellow pillow on it. You can use this kind of awesome lamp for any type of your furniture.


6. Colorful Retro Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 6

Source: Pinterest

This retro lamp has three different colors on it, red, white and also yellow. It makes the lamp looks colorful and also unique for your home.


7. Asian Fan Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 7

Source: Pinterest

If you are an Asian, you should know this kind of lamp. It is made by using some of the Asian fans and perfect to be an oriental decor.


8. Floor Lamp with Cage

Retro Lamp Design 8

Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, the retro lamp has a different design from another lamp that you often see. Just like this retro lamp with a cage design on it.


9. Retro Table Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 9

Source: Pinterest

The shape design of this retro lamp is already unique. You can use it for your bedroom table or your living room table.


10. Pink and Gold Retro Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 10

Source: Pinterest

The combination of gold and pink colors are suitable for a retro lamp. It looks pretty and also cool at the same time for decoration.


11. Retro Rocket Floor Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 11

Source: Pinterest

Perhaps you never imagine that a retro lamp can come with a rocket design. This kind of cool lamp will be your room best lighting.


12. Retro Fiberglass Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 12

Source: Pinterest

A retro lamp with awesome material like fiberglass can make a different result for the light. You should get this kind of lamp if you want to have an interesting light in your room.


13. Beautiful Retro Floor Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 13

Source: Pinterest

If you feel that your retro floor lamp is not enough to decor your bedroom, then you can hang some pretty accessories on it.


14. Retro Wood Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 14

Source: Pinterest

Some of the retro lamps have a natural accent on it by using a wood material. It is a perfect retro lamp design for your natural home too.


15. Rustic Retro Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 15

Source: Pinterest

When a retro lamp design has a real wood element on it, it can be a lamp with rustic style too. Make sure you put the lamp in the right place.


16. Artistic Retro Lamp

Retro Lamp Design 16

Source: Pinterest

A retro lamp with an artistic design can have a good value for your room interior design. Your room will be more artistic too.

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