Silver Bay: A Modern House with Three Contextual Conditions

Silver Bay 6

Completed by SAOTA in 2010, Silver Bay is a modern house located in South Africa that faces East over the bay. There are three contextual conditions that form the design of this house. This project is a contemporary interpretation of vernacular architecture.


Silver Bay 1

Silver Bay 2

Silver Bay 3

Silver Bay 4

Here are three contextual conditions that form the design of this house:

The first contextual condition is the elevated entrance. This entrance places the playroom and bedrooms on the lower level and living spaces on the upper level.


Silver Bay 5

Silver Bay 6

Silver Bay 7

Silver Bay 8

The second is the prevailing South-Easterly wind. The challenge is that the views are in the direction of the wind. Thanks to the large set of glazed sliding doors, a maximum view can be provided.

The third is the North side sun. In order to respond to this, the pool is positioned in a courtyard on the Northern face that creates a wind-free outdoor space and captures the sun.



Silver Bay 9

Silver Bay 10

Silver Bay 11

Silver Bay 12

The upper floor of this house is used as a single space that holds a kitchen with a large table, an elevated entrance hall, the pool courtyard, and a dining and living space.

Level changes can break the L-shaped space so different spaces can be created. There is also a conical flue made from Corten steel that can create a visual element to reflect the coastal environment.


Silver Bay Gallery

Photography: SAOTA, Adam Letch & Enda Cavanagh