Skybox House by Dick Clark + Associates: Rectangular on Top of Rectangular

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Skybox House is the real definition of a property where the compatibility between space, elegance, and modernity is packed perfectly in one place. The team behind this marvel with 4,556 sf located in Austin, Texas is Dick Clark + Associates.

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Dick Clark + Associates added Skybox House, built in Austin, Texas, to their design repertoire. Simply put, it is a modern residential property with rectangular shapes that are interspersed to be a dream site.

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At Skybox House, one rectangle rests horizontally across the terrain and the other sits vertically to maximize space by turning the rest into an outdoor gathering area.

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Despite the sloping terrain, the Dick Clark + Associates design made the most of it on the main floor. Its horizontal and rectangular shape was intended for the garage, which gives rise to the full-frontal elevation for the architecture.

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The design of the house aims to play with the senses. The entrance is on the side of a double-height window so that you can enjoy an interior view when you arrive at the place.

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The floor plan opens up for a more freedom experience where you can enjoy the outdoor and indoor interaction easily. The interior is dressed in lightweight materials, including a white marble backsplash in the kitchen and hardwood floors that are neatly spread throughout the home.

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The kitchen features trendy black cabinets and is finished off with a contrasting black kitchen island in a cozy space to share family meals. As the main design piece is a floating wood staircase between the main level and the floor above.

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For its part, in the main bathroom, a window located high above the view is integrated to block the views of the property next door without affecting the natural lighting in any way.

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Natural light and privacy are the greatest treasure of the Skybox House. The approach was then taken in real life through the placement of doors and windows.



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Photography: Dror Baldinger

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