15 Small Kitchen Designs

You may get confused to design your small kitchen. This kind of kitchen has some problems, such as the small space, the limited furniture that you can use, and also the limited kitchen storage. A small kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t design it well as you wish. It means this kitchen is kind of a special kitchen that needs a special design too. It is recommended to maximize the use of the space so you will not waste any of it. Here are 15 small kitchen designs for you to choose.


1. Black Small Kitchen Cabinet

Small Kitchen Designs 1

Source: Pinterest

Even you have a small kitchen, you don’t always to use a white color for the cabinet. Using the black cabinet is also a good idea to show off your kitchen look clearly.


2. White Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Designs 2

Source: Pinterest

The white color design in this small kitchen looks simple but also beautiful at the same time. The design looks perfect with the small dining room next to it.


3. Small White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Designs 3

Source: Pinterest

This small kitchen doesn’t have too many accessories or decoration. It just has a beautiful white kitchen cabinet and cupboard but still gorgeous.


4. Small Kitchen with Color Design

Small Kitchen Designs 4

Source: Pinterest

You can expose your small kitchen design by playing with the colors. As you can see, this small kitchen has a beautiful green color for some parts of the kitchen.


5. Small Kitchen with Stools and Lamps

Small Kitchen Designs 5

Source: Pinterest

Things that make this small kitchen looks amazing are the stools and the lamps. Both of them are perfect to be seen together in this kitchen.


6. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Table

Small Kitchen Designs 6

Source: Pinterest

When you have no chance at all to put a table in your small kitchen, then you can try this kitchen idea. It has a wall-mounted table on the other side of the cabinet.


7. Wooden Small Kitchen Cabinet

Small Kitchen Designs 7

Source: Pinterest

This small kitchen has an awesome wood accent on the furniture. The wooden cabinet makes the small space looks beautiful.


8. Small Kitchen with Pretty Wall

Small Kitchen Designs 8

Source: Pinterest

You don’t need to makeover the whole space of your small kitchen. Designing the wall with the beautiful colorful pattern is enough to make it looks pretty.


9. Pretty Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Designs 9

Source: Pinterest

The pretty looks of this small kitchen come from many things such as the yellow lamp, the kitchen towel, and even the lime can be a good decoration for it.


10. Small Farmhouse Kitchen

Small Kitchen Designs 10

Source: Pinterest

The farmhouse design in this kitchen is so pretty. The wood elements are located on all over the kitchen, including the floor and the ceiling.


11. Small Kitchen with Two Designs

Small Kitchen Designs 11

Source: Pinterest

This small kitchen has two designs in one area. It has a cool combination of modern and traditional style for the interior design.


12. Cabinetry for Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Designs 12

Source: Pinterest

This awesome small kitchen has a good cabinetry design. The cabinet is covering the whole wall until the top part of the wall. It makes the kitchen gets more storage to be used.


13. Small Kitchen with Seating Area

Small Kitchen Designs 13

Source: Pinterest

This one is so cool. It has a seating area of the dining room where you can east right after you cook. The small kitchen is also beautiful with the modern wooden cabinet set.


14. Small Kitchen with Beam

Small Kitchen Designs 14

Source: Pinterest

You just need to expose the beam to make your small kitchen looks awesome. Sometimes, using one thing to give a good design for your small kitchen is enough.


15. Small Kitchen with Stools

Small Kitchen Designs 15

Source: Pinterest

There are many things that you can do to make your small kitchen looks bigger. One of them is using some stools and creating a cozy atmosphere in it.

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