The Elms: A Boutique Development of Spacious and Stylish Apartments

The Elms 9

Designed by Chan Architecture, The Elms is a project of boutique development consisting of 5 apartments in Melbourne. Sits on a quiet, tree-lined street, each apartment in this project has been designed to be stylish and spacious. The architecture is inspired by Elm trees that line both sides of the street.



The Elms 1

The Elms 2

The Elms 3

The Elms 4

The Elms 5

The beautiful Elm trees which line both sides of the street can provide an awesome streetscape with texture and color. These trees are the main inspiration for the building’s architecture. With an oval shape with distinctive veins, the large leaves of these trees are the main inspiration for the facade patterning of two elements on the front entrance.



The Elms 7

The Elms 8

The Elms 9

For the building’s facade, different materials are used to reference the textures and colors of the streetscape. This also includes spotted gum linings on the eaves, textured white brickwork, the hand-crafted metal cladding on the walls, and cypress pine fencing.



The Elms 10

The Elms 11

The Elms 12

On the external facade, the organic, curved concrete patterning expands to the lobby area with timber battens on the walls. These battens are backed by a bronze-colored glass. There is also a wall of natural stone floor tiles, timber stairs, and sheer curtains that can add softness and balance to the space.



The Elms 13

The Elms 6

Each apartment in this project is stylish and also spacious with access to direct views and natural light. Each space is also designed with functionality in mind, complemented by a combination of different materials such as glass, natural stone, marble, and timber.

Some brass highlight elements such as custom, locally designed light fittings, solid brass shelves, and custom curved finger recesses can add personality to each apartment.


The Elms Gallery

Photographer: Tatjana Plitt