The Escape Pod by Podmakers: Built with precision and organic material

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As the second home that can be used as a workspace is not available to everyone, the need for insulation to be able to work or spend some time alone in these times is crucial to have. The company called Podmakers create just the space that they called The Escape Pod.

The Escape Pod By Podmakers 3

The company in charge of designing and manufacturing is based in Gloucestershire, UK. It is there where these accommodations are built and then moved to the location that buyers want. To plant the cabin, the use of a small crane is necessary.

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The capsule, resembles an egg, a treehouse or a capsule on a spaceship, depending on the viewer’s imagination, and is made of wood. The man behind the Podmakers team is an engineer specializing in designing tree houses.

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This luxury ellipsoid capsule is ready to be placed in an outdoor space. It is clad in cedar shingles and built with birch fabric and European oak. Uniquely and organically shaped, a high-quality contemporary interior provides the perfect place to work, meditate, socialize, or sleep.

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The Escape pod has a “gull-wing” style door and sits on a platform half a meter above the ground, allowing it to rotate to catch sunlight through its curved windows.

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A wooden door that opens like that of an aircraft, guards the fully customizable interior of Escape Pod. It is noteworthy that although the property is made of wood, it has electrical wiring, thermal insulation, and heating.

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Each Escape Pod is tailored for each user, from window placement and internal trim to fixtures and furnishings – the company offers four recommended designs. The Escape Pod is marketed starting from £ 19,800 but will vary slightly, depending on the style options.

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Some use it as a sleeping and play area for children and their friends, others as a space for watching movies or a desk or a relaxing room in the garden.

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More recently, there have been people who have housed family members in rescue capsules who were forced to stay in solitary confinement because they were suspected of being infected with the new coronavirus.

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In addition, the firm emphasizes that no type of permit is needed if they are installed within the buyer’s property since they comply with the planning laws of the area.


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Photography: Podmakers