12 Creative Tissue Holder Designs

A small thing can make your home interior looks different. One of the simple thing that you can use to decor and design your home is the tissue holder. Today, there are a lot of tissue holder designs that you need to try to be used in your home. This kind of cute stuff will not only be your storage for the tissue but also a cool decoration for any room types. If you love to make some pretty crafts, then you can try to make your own tissue holder with your own design. Here are some examples of tissue holder designs for you.


1. Pocket Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 1

Source: Pinterest

You may need a cover for your pocket tissue too when you need to go out. Using some nice colors of fabric with the pretty pattern, you will get a lovely cover for it.


2. Tissue Holder with Mason Jar

Tissue Holder Designs 12

Source: Pinterest

A mason jar is a simple thing in your home but it has a lot of functions for your life. One of the best function of it is using it to make a cute tissue holder.


3. White Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 11

Source: Pinterest

If you love about a simple thing, then you don’t need to do so many things with the tissue holder. Just make sure you can create a tissue holder cover with a nice fabric.


4. Wire Farmhouse Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 10

Source: Pinterest

This kind of tissue holder has an interesting design using a wire with the box shape. It is one of s tissue holder with a farmhouse style.


5. Solid Smiley Face Wood Tissue Box

Tissue Holder Designs 9

Source: Pinterest

If you are totally wishing for a different tissue holder in your home, you can make this solid smiley face wood tissue box. It is kind of cute and also beautiful.


6. Dot Square Tissue Box

Tissue Holder Designs 8

Source: Pinterest

A simple pattern like a dot will make your tissue looks awesome. It is a perfect pattern design for the tissue in your modern home.


7. Halloween Tissue Design

Tissue Holder Designs 7

Source: Pinterest

The decoration for your home when Halloween comes is never-ending. You can try to make a craft for your tissue with this Halloween idea.


8. Hand Painted Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 6

Source: Pinterest

Another way to create a stylish tissue holder is using a jar then paint it well. You can also use a rope to make it looks a little bit rustic.


9. Car Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 5

Source: Pinterest

It must be perfect to have a proper tissue holder in your car. You need to have this kind of tissue holder then put it behind the car seat.


10. Beautiful Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 4

Source: Pinterest

You can call this mason jar tissue holder as a beautiful holder because of its design with the rope, flower, and the bless word too.


11. Travel Tissue Holder

Tissue Holder Designs 3

Source: Pinterest

It will be better if you can have a good tissue holder when you are traveling. Besides the beautiful pattern, it also can keep your tissue clean.


12. Christmas Tissue Box

Tissue Holder Designs 2

Source: Pinterest

Don’t let your Christmas looks empty without any decoration. You can use a Christmas tissue holder just like this one with the gift design and Christmas colors.

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