3 Ways to Improve Your Typography Alphabet Design

Awesome Typography Alphabet Design (26)

Upgrade your typography alphabet design with a couple of elegant tricks easy to follow.


Unlike calligraphy focusing on the hand techniques, typography is way easier as you‘re helped by designed letters already fabricated. Despite so, never imagine that the outcome always looks great. As a matter of course, the work requires specific tricks to make it better.

Here are 4 practical tips helping your project of typography alphabet design to look exceptional. Go check them out now!

1. Fit the Typeface with Your Message

Regardless of your favorite fonts, understand that typeface is more crucial. Typeface represents the mood or even personality. If you’re trying to deliver something serious or something funny, use fonts that embody those feelings. Unless you’re confident, you might brainstorm with others to decide what type of characters you want to speak.

2. Mind a Good Hierarchy

A hierarchy is highly required to ease the navigation. It’s perfect for conventional print publications such as magazines and newsletter. There are some regards you can’t take lightly to set up a hierarchy. First, the text size determines how important the information is. Bigger means more foremost. To easily scan the structure, an efficient spacing is a point. In addition to that, grouping items is another thing to think about.

3. Match the Background

Typography alphabet design can’t stand out by itself. It should reconcile with the background to look harmonious. If you clash the colors, ensure that the letters can fit out the elements in the shade. The visibility wouldn’t be that palpable if you apply colors that appear too unlike. Besides, be careful with busy backgrounds since they can irritate the viewers.

To sum things up, the tricks to make better the look of your typography alphabet design are nothing but necessary. Not only does the creation carry out the mood and message of yours but it should be displayed in chic ways.



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