Villa Zeist 1 by HofmanDujardin: Well-Balanced Rooms with Wide Views

Villa Zeist 1 By HofmanDujardin 7

This villa is located in the forest of Kerkebosch in the Dutch city Zeist with 370 m². Designed by HofmanDujardin and completed in 2016, Villa Zeist 1 is built-up of three strong horizontal layers. The alternation of open and closed façade elements in this villa can create well-balanced rooms with wide views and privacy.


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The three-strong horizontal layers can create a contrast with the surrounding pine trees on the site while the exterior offers three concrete floors. The largest is the ground floor slab that elevates the villa from its surroundings. It also sticks out from the façades, creating a path that leads to the extended terrace at the south. The second and third slab comes in a shape as continuous roof lines, forming canopies that cover the terraces and blocking the sun during summer.



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This villa shows a strong clarity in plan with living spaces stretched over the full width on the ground floor. The interconnected rooms can be opened fully to serve a spacious living area or closed to create privacy. The closed facade ensures groundedness on the side of the direct neighbors. The sliding doors and the floor to floor windows establish a strong connection between the surroundings and the interior spaces, supported by continuous concrete floors.



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Villa Zeist 1 By HofmanDujardin 7

The ground floor and the first floor of the villa are connected by a void and stairs right at the center of the house. There is also a hallway around the void, giving access to the four bedrooms. These bedrooms are places in the corners of the villa facing the views of the woods in two directions. The facade’s closed parts on the first floor are covered with timber slats, making it different from the ground floor to emphasize the villa’s horizontal character.


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Photographer: Matthijs van Roon