Virginia House by Reimers Risso Arquitectura: A Spatial Dynamics of Structure Meets Local Architrectures

Virginia House 8

Located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Virginia House is a 2018 project designed by Reimers Risso Arquitectura. This house is designed with a composition of a structure that proposes spatial dynamics by clustering the services to give freedom to other spaces. Local architectures are also highlighted through processes that resignify traditional elements.


Virginia House 1

Virginia House 2

Virginia House 3

Two planes built with glass bricks, six opaque vertical planes, one horizontal plane, and a brick vault spatially constitute this project. The geometric sequence of the modulation is used as an articulator and connector from the inside to the outside of the house. The bare materials exposing the texture and also peculiar colors.



Virginia House 4

Virginia House 5

Virginia House 6

The house spaces are expanded to the outside project from the sequences of the surrounding landscape’s appropriation, stemming from some systems of flexible relations and suggested by some free modules. The house building also highlights local architectures in its processes that resignify traditional elements.



Virginia House 7

Virginia House 8

Virginia House 9

The goal is to define the constructive and structural systems that become possible transformations, growth spaces, and opportunities. These systems are freely and openly, allowing for future concretions while some facilities support changes and updates. The fundamental in the project process is the inhabitant because future intervention is one of the fundamental issues, especially to decide the construction systems.

Virginia House 10

Virginia House 11

Virginia House 12

Virginia House 13

Designed under the condition of adaptability, the house conceives it no longer as a finished product but support in this project. It is a house that offers minimum benefits in its initial phase but it is designed to incorporate future contributions, better equipment, and new terminations so economic and material resources also can be optimized.


Virginia House Gallery


Photographer: Fernando Schapochnik