Voëlklip by SAOTA: A Spacious House with Extensive Concrete and Pool Courtyard

Voëlklip By SAOTA 7

Completed in 2009 by SAOTA, Voëlklip is a single residential project located in Hermanus, South Africa. This project is done on a narrow site to create a spacious house built in extensive concrete and arranged around a pool courtyard and large garden. The interiors of this awesome house are designed by ARRCC.


Voëlklip By SAOTA 1

Voëlklip By SAOTA 2

Voëlklip By SAOTA 3

Voëlklip By SAOTA 4

This house sits on a narrow 14 meters site which also becomes a design challenge for the architect. This site is used as maximum as possible to achieve a spacious house. With this spacious achievement, the house can have both a large garden and also wide pool courtyard.



Voëlklip By SAOTA 5

Voëlklip By SAOTA 6

Voëlklip By SAOTA 7

For the construction, this spacious house is designed with extensive concrete for most of its structure: walls and ceilings. This concrete allows the house to frame the stunning sea views easily that can be seen by everyone inside the house.


Voëlklip Gallery


Photography: SAOTA