History and Functions of Wall Lamp Design

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Wall lamp design originated from torches and fire lanterns and developed to the modern versions we now use.


Modern homes have main lamps that extend from the ceilings, but they are not the only lighting sources. Wall lamps have existed since early civilizations, with wider functions in the modern world. Wall lamp design in modern times combines aesthetic and specific function, creating unique products suitable for all homeowner types.

Early Forms of Wall Lamp

Wall lamp (sconce) originated as torches on wall brackets. However, since open flame was dangerous, people started to find ways to contain it. They made lanterns and hung them on the walls with nails or hooks. People also started to make more sophisticated lanterns, with beautiful shapes to match the building’s design.

The widespread use of gas wall lighting started in around the 17th century. People would hang lanterns in and out of the house. While they were practical, they also presented danger from gas leaking. However, gas lanterns were still popular until the coming of electricity.

Modern Wall Lamp Design

When electric bulbs became popular, many people kept the wall lantern designs, with fire-shaped bulbs to remember the old days. The wall lamp designs grew into more variations in shapes and colors. Better bulbs also helped homeowners to get better light and matched the lamp designs with their houses.

Now, wall lamps offer various functions, such as:

  • Additional lighting sources

Wall lamps offer additional light source without having to install a ceiling lamp. People get more choices in lighting sources. Wall lamps are also great to illuminate spaces like hallways and stairs.

  • Accent lighting

Subtle wall lamps can be used to highlight certain aspects in the house, such as specific artworks, interior parts, or furniture.

  • Atmosphere

From design aesthetic, accent lighting is useful to create a moody or intimate atmosphere. This is because wall lamps usually have smaller watts and subtler light than ceiling lamps.

Wall lamp design has become more diverse than their early forms. With myriad options of designs and lighting technology, wall lamps are great supporting fixtures in any houses and public places.


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