Wiesenhof by Gogl Architekten: A Place of Peace and Contemplation

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 8

The client wanted a place of silence, in harmony with nature and the request was handled flawlessly by Gogl Architekten on the Wiesenhof project. The new home should be light and airy, but also cozy. The approach was radical, and to transform a 2,280 m²  space area into 413 m² living space, the team at Gogl Architekten did have to follow a certain rule.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 12

There are quite a lot of stories behind the process of erecting the building. First, the shape of the building was not allowed to deviate from the building regulations.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 9

This of course restricted the architect’s planning options, but thanks to the basic idea of ​​internal nesting and a varied and open concept, the creativity resources could be fully exploited and an unbelievably beautiful living space created.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 7

The topology of the area with its rural building structure was taken into account and so only local plants were used in the garden design.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 6

The choice of materials to be used was made with ecological awareness. Oak, iron, natural stone, linen, and hemp fabric were used. A large part of the furniture was individually designed to suit the spatial requirements.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 5

Generous openings with no thresholds allow the indoors to converge with the outside. Even the protection railings on the huge porch comprise of plant structures.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 3

A generous glass insert gives you a picturesque view of the surroundings and in connection with the concept of a natural garden, the inside and outside merge into a very personal paradise.

Wiesenhof By Gogl Architekten 8

The house speaks with the predominant mountain plain, with each view looking like an artistic creation. The choice to use age-old materials was made intentionally to cite the encompassing farmsteads.


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Photography: Mario Webhofer