YKH House by ISSHOArchitects: A Family House with A Common Circulation Space

YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 2

In collaboration with Alan Burden, ISSHOArchitects has been completed a project of a family house in Tokyo. Started in 2008 and completed in 2010, YKH House is a two-generation family house. Common circulation space is designed for the family so each member of the family can share it with still a good connectivity of function and space.


YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 1

YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 2

YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 3

Located in Tokyo suburbia, this house is designed in an awesome way to allow each family unit to have its own independent usage for everyday activities. The family members share the common circulation spaces, allowing fluid connectivity of function and space inside the house.



YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 4

YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 5

YKH House By ISSHOArchitects 6

This house offers a circulation space with the best quality like a ‘street’ in a small village. This quality allows the dwellers to feel the life of others without interrupting each other privacy. With the use of wood materials for the floor and some parts of the wall inside, this house provides a comfortable and warm place for living.


YKH House Gallery


Photography: ISSHOArchitects

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