Yurikago House by Mas-aqui: The Concept of Cradle Comes to Life

Yurikago House By Mas Aqui 5

In a building built in 1924 near Barcelona, there is an apartment with two and a half floors and a basement. The Mas-Aqui team took the project Yurikago House and aims to renovate the apartment as a whole. The house is located on land sloping to the west, with views of Tibidabo Mountain with 101.05 m² floor area.

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The condition of the original building is extremely poor, the rooms lack of light and natural ventilation, and the connection between different floors is also very scattered. The basement has actually been abandoned for many years and can only be accessed via outdoor stairs.

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The architect decided to redefine the purpose of each space and fix the connection between different floors to each other. The step included choosing the hand-made materials in natural tones that are most suitable for space connection and use them in the five-story building.

Yurikago House By Mas Aqui 5

The ground floor of the basement was transformed from bottom to top into a bright suite with direct access to the courtyard. In order to integrate the floor into the whole house and provide it with access from the inside, 1.2 meters of land must be excavated to build a new staircase.

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Wooden forgings are introduced into the space to strengthen the structure and act as a translucent filter between the spaces. It gives a warm atmosphere to the space and forms a slat sculpture with strong visual power.

On the one hand, horizontal wooden slats mark the transition between floors. On the other hand, the vertical slats were also used to create the studio tables and benches.

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The wooden structure gently wraps the restaurant space like a cradle. The spacious dining room is connected to the kitchen, bathroom, and storage room. The internal spray-painted concrete fireplace in the middle of the space is not only an important element in the space but also a step leading to the living area.

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In the upper space, the studio, bathroom, shower room, as well as the core element of the bedroom and the dressing room connecting the living area, all have different uses. In the living room, the wardrobe in the upper room extends in the form of a desk library.

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By creating a new opening at the entrance, the indoor get the natural light which not only has the effect of a light well but also ensures the cross ventilation of the house.




Photography: Jose Hevia