Design Listicle was founded in 2018 with the aim of celebrating the best in architecture and design from around the world. We believe that good design should be shared and enjoyed by everyone, so we make it our mission to showcase the best in architecture and design.

Our team of experts scours the internet for the latest and greatest architecture projects, so you can be sure that you’re always up-to-date with the latest trends. We also offer a range of helpful resources, such as tips and advice on choosing an architect or designing your own home.

Whether you’re an architect, a homeowner, or just someone who appreciates good design, we hope you’ll enjoy browsing our website and discovering some fantastic buildings from all corners of the globe! fake rolex yacht master

Our writers

Anke Fassbinder

Anke Fassbinder is an accomplished writer and curator with a deep understanding of architecture. She has a passion for finding and sharing amazing projects that inspire and delight her audience.

Anke’s work has been featured in a number of publications, both online and offline. She is always looking for new and interesting projects to share with her readers.

Nadin Danielsson

Nadin Danielsson is a freelance writer who specializes in writing about architecture and home interior design. She has worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations, and her work has been featured in both online and print publications.

Nadin’s love of architecture and design began at a young age, when she would often go on walks with her father and marvel at the different buildings in her hometown of Hamburg, Germany. After completing her studies in journalism and communications, she decided to pursue a career in writing so that she could share her passion for architecture and design with others.


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