Kodak H35N

Kodak H35N

The Kodak H35N emerges as a beacon of style and functionality in the realm of photography. This camera distinguishes itself with two unique design series: the metallic glazed and the matte striped. The metallic series injects a playful vibrancy into your photography gear, while the matte striped design exudes an understated elegance. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the H35N is celebrated for its superior image quality, positioning it as a must-have accessory for both novice and seasoned photographers.

Enhanced Features for Elevated Photography

The H35N is equipped with a built-in star filter, designed to add a magical flair to your photographs by creating four-beam flares on bright spots. This feature is particularly effective for capturing night scenes, water reflections, and twinkling lights, adding a layer of enchantment to your images.

In a notable upgrade, the H35N boasts a coated, improved glass lens. This advancement from an acrylic to a glass lens significantly enhances image clarity, ensuring that every shot captures the vivid details of the moment.

Long Exposure Mastery with Bulb Function

For those looking to explore the art of long exposure photography, the H35N offers a bulb function. When paired with a tripod, this feature allows photographers to beautifully capture the motion of objects, creating stunning trails of light and movement. It’s important to note that while the camera supports long exposure shots, a cable release and tripod are not included, encouraging users to customize their setup according to their needs.

Availability and Design Options

The Kodak H35N is available for order now, offering photographers the chance to own a piece of equipment that marries exceptional functionality with striking design. Whether you’re drawn to the playful allure of the metallic glazed series or the sophisticated vibe of the matte striped design, the H35N is ready to elevate your photography experience.

Source: RETO Production Ltd.

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