DriveSafe – The Multi-Dash Cam System: The Guardian Angel

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Regardless of whether you’re a newbie driver and have as of late obtained your ID for the four-wheeled vehicle, or you’ve been driving for a considerable length of time and have effectively encountered the threats of the street direct, taking a dash cam onto your auto’s windshield would profit you in an assortment of ways.

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And here comes, the revolutionary product the DriveSave Dash Cam. The two camera framework has been particularly intended to screen the driver and the street in-front to make a more secure driving for both you, your family or the business armada of vehicles.

Forward Collision

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The DriveSafe Dash Cam will belt out an alarm you on the off chance that you are going to slam into a vehicle or an object before you. The DriverSide Camera does not record any recording and has no web association, so it’s not gonna be an object of discussion in term of privacy.

Impaired Driver Warning

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DriveSafe uses advanced programming that will alert you if your eyes close for longer than 1.2 seconds. After repeated warnings Drivesafe will even recommend pulling over to take a rest break. The DriveSafe System can detect drowsiness, fatigue and distracted drivers by using facial recognition software.

Lane Departure

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The DriverSide camera not only able to read eyelids but also can read the course your face is pointing. In the event that the driver is taking a gander at their telephone or not on the street for over three seconds, DriveSafe will affably aware them of their eyes out and about ahead.

Quick Transfer and Review Footage

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With DriveSafe always recording, you can now capture all those unique moments. You can share video and photos within the smartphone app to an internal community of users, plus you can always review your trip.

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The WiFi association permits a remote exchange of video and photographs from the DriveSafe FrontSide camera specifically to your cell phone. You can utilize the telephone’s cell association with then send the video file to your insurance company.


The Most Compact

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With the easy to install features, this product can be installed easily in your car plus no special tools needed to put on this dash cam. The DriveSafe Dual camera dash cam is currently accessible to back through Kickstarter with Earlybird support accessible from $69, with delivery expected to take place during July 2018.

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