Cloudnola Flipping Out: A Sleek Clock with Retro Designs and Modern Materials

Cloudnola Flipping Out 3

Cloudnola Flipping Out can upgrade your home space much better than any clocks. This sleek clock is made from modern materials with retro designs. Cloudnola Flipping Out has a unique shape too that can make your home space looks more interesting. With a lot of features, your day will be more great with this awesome clock.


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Cloudnola’s clocks are based on Amsterdam. They are famous for modernist clock designs. Using some modern materials and best performances from its inner work,¬†Cloudnola Flipping Out will give you the best worlds of a clock.



Cloudnola Flipping Out 2

With a true modernist fashion,¬†Cloudnola Flipping Out has an innovative look and also awesome functions. It is very easy to use this clock. This clock also doesn’t need any difficult maintenance. It has a good look with a reliable style, keeping the time always right.



Cloudnola Flipping Out 3

Cloudnola Flipping Out 4

Cloudnola Flipping Out has a metal case with the open flip mechanism for its performance. The number of flippers comes in black color with a chrome case. This clock is powered by one D battery which is not included, so you need to buy the battery separately.

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