FluidClock: The Customizable LED Clock for Home and Business

FluidClock 2

FluidClock is a smart, customizable LED clock for both home and business. This awesome clock can set itself based on your need. FluidClock comes in two different types, FluidClock Pro for your business and FluidClock Wake for your home.

FluidClock Pro

FluidClock 10

FluidClock Pro can automatically keep a perfect time for you. It can set itself when you use it with the Wi-Fi network.

FluidClock 6

The display of this awesome clock is available in hundreds of colors and faces. You can choose your favorite colors and also the most interesting face that suit to your taste with this clock.

FluidClock 4

It is very easy to install FluidClock Pro. You can use two screws for the wall mount installation. Connect it to the power outlet and Wi-Fi using the app to control it.

Dakboard 7

FluidClock Pro is built with the best security ever. It is very easy to set it with the app. It also has a high-visibility with 10 inches x 5 inches multi-color LED display. You can also adjust the brightness based on your eyes ease.


FluidClock Wake

FluidClock 7

FluidClock Wake will be the best clock in your home. It is a smarter alarm clock ever. You can put it easily on your table or the wall of your home with the wall mounted installation.

FluidClock 8

Creating your own FluidClock Wake is very easy. Just choose the available designs of beautiful and free face designs on the face store. You can make your own custom faces that different from others.

FluidClock 5

You can use your smartphone alarm to set the alarm on this clock. The faces are not only showing the time but some live data such as weather. It will automatically dim at night when your turn off your room lights.

FluidClock 3

FluidClock 11

FluidClock Wake can be used easily with the web app using your devices. You can set alarms, choose the clock face, adjust the clock brightness, and also choose the night face.


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