Cozmo: A Real-Life Robot with Big Personality and Brain

Cozmo 2

Cozmo is a little guy with a brilliant mind. It is a real-life robot with big personality and brain that you see in the movies. You will have fun times to play with Cozmo. The best thing about this small robot in not only the technology but also the design which is interesting and fun for both adult and kids.


Cozmo 2

Cozmo 3

Cozmo is compatible with some Android devices and iOS. It also has a high quality with the best durability, security, and safety. This robot has been tested for those qualities so you will have the best real robot ever at home.


Code Lab

Cozmo 1

In Code Lab, you can learn how to construct Cozmo as you wish to join in a contest then see who’s the best one. You can have more controls with this robot, especially in its sensors blocks, display blocks, operators blocks, and also data blocks.



Cozmo 5

This robot is always ready to play some games. The design is built as a game playing machine with some upgrades and actions. You can play it with the Cubes or use it in skill and speed games with other robots of your friend.



Cozmo 4

Cozmo is designed with powerful technology. The gears and the motors make it like a mini-mars rover. The 30 fps VGA camera with the facial recognition software is the technology for its vision. The 128 x 64 resolution facial display is used for its heart and also emotion.

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