Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock, The Perfect Icing on Every Room

Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock 3

The stunning Picto wall clock from Rosendahl Copenhagen has a retro roused outline by Steen Christensen and Erling Andersen. Picto wall clock was designed in 1984 and is presently a cutting edge great with its moderate look. While conventional timekeepers demonstrate the time with the ticking hands, Picto has a turning dial which is superbly unique.

Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock 3

The Always Stunning “Picture”

Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock 4

PICTO implies picture, obviously, so it is a magnificent decision as the name of this clock that stay on the wall and  at the same time act as the constant stunning display for your room. With its perfect, moderate graphic line PICTO speaks to unmistakable picture of time in a way that no other watch does.


Crafted with Unique System

Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock 2

In the meantime, its specialized outline is extraordinary. The hour is demonstrated by a spot on the turning dial, while the minutes are shown by a traditional hand. PICTO is the first ever clock made with this rotary disk principle.


Anytime, Anywhere~

Rosendahl Picto Wall Clock 1

The clock case supporting the sunken glass front gives the clock an appearance of drifting on the wall. An incredible present ideas for weddings, commemorations, birthday events, school graduation and other events. For you who desire to have this stunning wall clock, go here for more information.

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