Visual Identity for UBER Vietnam by Rice Creative

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 12

Rice Creative from Vietnam has published the visual identity graphic design for UBER Vietnam. UBER is kind of unique and interesting thing for Vietnam citizen because it is a new thing for them. That’s why through the UBERmoto, Rice Creative shows how a visual identity is an important thing not only for the brand but also the rider and the driver too. They need the same thing with UBER, especially for the safety, visibility, and pride. Here are the result of the Rice works.


Jacket Design

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 14

Rice Creative designs the UBER jacket with some dominated colors. Blue and Tosca are the main colors for the jacket design. The zipper comes in green color with the UBER logo right in front of the jacket and at the back side. The shoulder’s part is decorated with soft grey color. Two pockets are available on each side of the jacket too.


Stylish Design

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 13

This visual identity design from Rice Creative is also stylish for the helmet. With the color and the UBER logo, the UBER riders even can improve their style to give the best performance for the passenger. It fits well with any fashion that UBER riders wear.


One for All

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 12

Here is the look of the visual identity for all UBER things from Rice Creative. The color design is not only perfect for the jacket and the helmet but also for the T-Shirt. And special for the raincoat, it is enough to put the UBER logo on its transparent style. All of them looks so fresh.


UBER Raincoat

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 11

The UBER raincoat doesn’t have the same color design like the jacket or the helmet. Rice Creative deliberately designs this raincoat with the transparent style. The purpose is showing the UBER jacket when the rider works, even in the heavy rain. The raincoat is decorated with the UBER logo only and it is already enough to make it looks cool.


Easily Recognizable

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 10

Rice Creative also want to make the UBER riders are easier to recognize by all people in the streets. It is also helping the passenger to find them after ordering. The design also fits well with any motorcycle that the rider use so it still makes them looks stylish.


Color Design

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 9

The blue and Tosca color is divided with a diagonal line with the UBER logo in the center of it. The UBER logo consists of the word in a white square shape. Actually, this color design is kind of simple design but the thing that makes it looks interesting is the way that Rice Creative put it with the UBER logo.


Two Helmet Types

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 7

The helmet comes in two different types. Both of them can be designed nicely with the color design from Rice Creative. It makes the helmet becomes one of the coolest helmets with its colorful color. Both rider and passenger would love to use them.


Flap with Button

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 6

It is the plan for the UBER logo on the rider’s jacket. The flap is designed with buttons so it is easier to open and close it. It is intended for the front part of the rider jacket near the zipper.


T-Shirt Design

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 5

The UBER T-Shirt design doesn’t have a different style from the jacket. The blue and Tosca color is still divider into two diagonally part with the UBER logo for the front and the back side.


Helmet Design

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 4

For the helmet, the design is decorated with two UBER logos for both sides of the helmet. From the middle until the top part of the helmet is designed with Tosca color and the rest is blue.


Jacket Detail

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 3

Here is the detail for the jacket. The whole design of the jacket makes it has a strong power to attract all eyes on it. With the simple design and the good colors, it can make the riders feel comfortable on the street.


High-Tech and Human Traits

Visual Identity For UBER Vietnam 1

Rice Creation also considers the UBER traits itself with the high-tech and human power for the design. With those awesome traits, the design will make the best completeness for the rider, the driver, and the brand too.

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