Electric Balance Car, Your Last-Mile-Commute Solution

Electric Balance Car 3

At the first, a hoverboard is never been released as a commute vehicle. It is often used for the young man to play and have fun outside the house. A hoverboard is also called as a high-tech toy with the ability to help people stay in balance. This perfect high-tech makes some designers get some ideas to improve the use of the toy by creating a last-mile-commute solution.


Red Dot Design Concept Award Winner

Electric Balance Car 2

You can’t call it as a hoverboard actually because it is kind of different design and purpose. It is an awesome thing called Electric Balance Car. The designers are Huang Lin, Lu Heng, Mu Tong, Wang Ruihua, and Zhang Bowen from China. They have some great ideas to make a new mode of transportation for anyone. For their cool ideas, they won the first place in Red Dot Design Concept Award for the year 2017.


Foldable Design

Electric Balance Car 1

The best thing about Electric Balance Car is its foldable design. You can fold it when you are not using it, a perfect idea to give an easier way to keep it in the storage. The body is designed with carbon fiber which is different for all hoverboards that you often see. The designer makes it in easily carried too with its small and convenient feels to be put in a car.


Last-Mile-Commute Solution

Electric Balance Car 3

If you are a busy person with a lot of activities to do, times surely is an important thing for you. That’s why Electric Balance Car comes to you as your last-mile-commute solution and ready to be your electric commute vehicle. Most people will surely want to have one of this, so don’t let yourself miss to have it too.

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