Mantis Q: A Small, Powerful Drone with Energy-Efficient Design

Mantis Q 4

Mantis Q is a great drone for adventurers. It is a small drone with a powerful performance. The features are cutting edge with facial detection and voice controls. Mantis Q is very easy to use and to carry with its ultra-portable package. The best thing about this drone is the energy-efficient design with a long time to stay in the air.


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Mantis Q can stay in the air for 33 minutes of its flight time. It has a face detection, 4K video resolution, a visual tracking, a sports mode, 44 mph sports mode, and a voice control. This drone is foldable so it is very easy to carry.


Face Detection

Mantis Q 6

With a face detection, Mantis Q can take a photo as soon as it sees the user’s face. It can take photos up to 13 feet away from the user’s face. This drone also has Gesture Control mode that can detect a hand waving and take a photo just like the face detection.


Voice Control

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The new Voice Control feature allows you to command this drone just using your own voice. You can command this drone with your voice to record videos, take some photos easily. It will respond to the command like “Take a picture”, “Take a selfie”, “Wake up”, and “Record a video”.



Mantis Q 2

Mantis Q 1

The integrated camera makes this drone can make high-resolution photos and videos. The image comes in 4800 x 2700 resolution or 4160 x 3120 pixels that you can save in DNG or JPEG format. It is the same with the 4K of the recorded videos.


Flight Modes

Mantis Q 4

Journey Mode will make Mantis Q fly upwards on the linear path as you set and then return automatically. You can select the most interesting object with the POI (Point of Interest) mode. Only with a push of a button, this drone can return to the point where its takeoff to your side.


Remote Control

Mantis Q 7

You can experience an excited thrill racing of drone using the Mantis Q’s Sport Mode. This drone can fly with 44 miles per hour for its maximum speed. You can see the live image with your smartphone that you need to connect it to the remote control.

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