Aerix Wallet Drone: The World’s Smallest Quadcopter from Aerix Drones

Aerix Wallet Drone 3

Aerix Wallet Drone is a tiny quadcopter drop and also charges inside of a wallet controller. The design makes it perfect for your pocket. This wallet drone also can be called as the world’s smallest quadcopter ever from Aerix Drones. They design Aerix Wallet Drone is not only in the smallest size but also let you practice and have fun with it wherever you go.

Compact Quadcopter

Aerix Wallet Drone 1

Aerix Wallet Drone deserves to be called as the world’s smallest quadcopter because of its compact size. This wallet drone has only  4cm x 4cm x 1.75cm in size. And the docking station with the ultra-compact 2.4 gHz controller has 10.75cm x 8.5cm x 2.8cm in size.


Patent Pending Design

Aerix Wallet Drone 2

This wallet drone is also built with the patent pending design. It allows the drone to be charged when the docked is inside the controller. It takes at least 20 minutes to charge it for 5 until 7 minutes flight time with the USB cable or controller.


Centered and Stable

Aerix Wallet Drone 3

For the flight sensitivity desired level, Aerix Drones has been programmed this drone with 3-speeds pre-programmed. With the 6-axis of gyro-stabilization, Aerix Wallet Drone will keep centered and also stable when you use it.


Color Variation

Aerix Wallet Drone 4

Aerix Drones doesn’t stop with the compact design only. They also offer some color variation of this smallest drone. The drone is available in green, yellow, orange, and blue color. The color makes it more fun to be used.


Pocket Size

Aerix Wallet Drone 5

Aerix Drones tries to give the best product which is easy to carry. That’s why they built this drone as smallest as your pocket. The pocket size of Aerix Wallet Drone offers an easiness to have fun without any difficulties.


Other Features and Technology

Aerix Wallet Drone 6

Aerix Wallet Drone is completed with the 360-degree rotational yaw which can be used to adjust the orientation. With the pre-programmed of “Trick Mode” algorithm, this drone can roll and flips amazingly. The bright LED colored lights will help you a lot for the night flight.

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