Method 143: The First Motorcycle with A Carbon Fiber Mono-Cell Chassis

Method 143 6

Another great concept motorcycle production from ARCH Motorcycle, it is called Method 143. This motorcycle is the first motorcycle with a carbon fiber mono-cell chassis. With the awesome layering design and the making process of bodywork, this motorcycle becomes so elegant. It also includes the programmed CNC machined aluminum, carbon fiber, and also fine leather.

Only 23 Units

Method 143 1

Method 143 is only available in 23 units. Because of the progressive design, this motorcycle becomes so special so not everyone has a chance to have it. Method 143 is also completed with carbon fiber aerodynamic fork covers.



Method 143 2

ARCH Motorcycle doesn’t want to give you the best motorcycle with the engine only but also a stylish motorcycle with its whole design. Method 143 is stylish and cool, perfect to support your fashion anywhere you want.



Method 143 3

The best part of Method 143 is surely the engine. It has CNC machined aluminum sub-chassis with a V-Twin engine. The carbon fiber monocell chassis is integrated with the fuel cell for the best performance for you on a road.


Inspired by MotoGP

Method 143 4

Methos 143 design concept is also inspired by MotoGP, especially the body style that every rider use to win the race. If you have this awesome motorcycle, you will feel a true sensation of racing just like in MotoGP.



Method 143 5

The front brakes are designed with ISR dual six 30mm piston Monobloc radial mount calipers complete with its ISR floating dampened discs. The rear brakes have Dual ISR four piston Monobloc radial mount caliper with the ISR semi-floating disc. Both of them are a little bit different based on the use.



Method 143 6

The whole bodywork of Method 143 is built with CNC machined aluminum. There is an additional material for the tank and seat area. Both of tank and seat area is designed with layered integrated leather, the best material for comfortable seating.

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