Ovini Balance Stool: A Cool-Stool for Your Healthy Sitting from Yanko Design

Ovini Balance Stool 4

With Ovini Balance Stool, you will have a fun seating device. This cool stool is not only fun but also will give you a healthy sitting. Ovini Balance Stool is designed with the dynamism of a stability ball on a hemispherical cushion. The design offers you an easy way to adjust it as you wish based on your sitting angle. It is a good chair, especially for your spine.


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Weronika Żytko as the designer of Yanko Design uses some materials to create this awesome chair. Ovini Balance Stool is made from six main materials, they are textiles, polycarbonate, stainless steel, rubber, bearing steel, and also high-quality of ash wood.



Ovini Balance Stool 2

The frame of the whole body is built with the ash wood, including the chair legs too. The surface is round and it is filled up with some bearing steels. The stainless steel which looks like a huge bowl is laid on the top of it.


Innovative Furniture

Ovini Balance Stool 3

With the ring of bearings and the upturned metal dome, you can not only adjust your seating angle but also rotate it 360 degrees. It gives you a full freedom that you will not find in a most usual chair ever. The legs design will not make you fall at all.


Fun Seating Device

Ovini Balance Stool 4

The design of Ovini Balance Stool makes this stool can be categorized as a fun seating device. You can move it as you wish when you study or work. It is not only fun for an adult, even your kids and teenagers would love to use it too.


Healthier Stool

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Ovini Balance Stool 6

The ability of this stool that can be adjusted with the angles makes it much healthier than any other stools. Ovini Balance Stool will keep your body has a constant motion and also help you to maintain the curvature of human lumbar.



Ovini Balance Stool 7

This stool looks simple but it has its own stylish design. With the use of ash wood, it is perfect to be combined with any table design style too. You will not only have a healthy stool in your home but also another cool decoration for your home interior.

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