Pack Horse: A Great Lounge Chair for All Adventures

Pack Horse 7

This awesome lounge chair is a perfect chair for all adventures. Pack House is designed well to provide your creative adventures. The design allows you to do all things only with one chair, like listening to music, reading, drawing and also writing. Pack Horse is a new way to do all of them without a table at all.


Pack Horse 1

Pack Horse 2

Pack Horse 3

Pack Horse has a lot of functions for you with an active mind. It has some storage to put your books, notes, and utensils. You can continue your idea in a creative activity like drawing, writing, and also reading in a comfortable position.



Pack Horse 4

Pack Horse 5

Pack Horse 6

This chair offers the best storage such as secret storage box under the seat, Rope-stitched magazine racks, and an integrated bookshelf. You can take your favorite book and put it back easily. The secret storage will be perfect to put your notes and drawing books.



Pack Horse 7

Pack Horse 8

Pack Horse is made from reclaimed birch plywood by the V&A Museum, European oak, cotton rope, and also Merino wool felt. This chair has a compact size of 79 x 71 x 71 cm in the dimension, so it will not take your home space too much. The color design of this chair can decorate your home interior well.

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