LOU Board: The Real Electric Skateboard for the Real Experience

LOU Board 1

A skateboard lover should have this real electric skateboard, LOU. It is the most affordable, lightest, and also fastest for your real experience. LOU Board is designed with a hidden battery and also motorized wheels. It will make you get an easy reliability, range, and speed whenever you use it.

LOU 1.0 Electric Skateboard

LOU Board 3

LOU 1.0 Electric Skateboard is the first board that you can choose from LOU. It is a fun board for everyone. The polyurethane deck is durable and also sleek. The board is available in some colors, black, blue, red, and purple.


LOU 2.0 Electric Skateboard

LOU Board 1

LOU 2.0 Electric Skateboard has a durable and sleek carbon fiber deck. It is the most lightweight board among others, only 4.3 kg or 9.5 lbs. You need to charge this board for 2 hours to get a powerful speed for 10 to 15 km.


LOU 3.0 Electric Skateboard

LOU Board 2

It is the most powerful board from LOU. The deck is made from carbon fiber with 35 km for its maximum speed. The deck plate is interchangeable with dual powerful motors. If you need a high-quality board, you should choose this one.



LOU Board 5

LOU Board has the best water resistant when it gets wet. You can even use it when the battery dies. It is very easy to change the design because of its removable deck plates. You can set the speeds and check the battery using the SoFlow Smart App.

LOU Board 4

The replaceable wheels allow you to replace it anytime you want. It is portable and very easy to carry wherever you are. The hidden battery only takes 2 hours to charge. LOU Board is built for last with its quality design.

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