Muggo: The Most Smart Heated Travel Mug Ever

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With this smart heated travel mug, you can enjoy a hot coffee anytime you want. Muggo has a built-in technology that can keep all of your drink in a perfect temperature. You can even control the temperature in an easy use. Just connect the Muggo battery and set the temperature with the touchscreen buttons.


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Muggo is very easy to use. The LED display lights can show you the temperature. The touchscreen button technology also makes it easy to set the perfect temperature that you wish. It is simple and also convenient.



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This smart mug is designed with a magnetic, revolutionary, detachable battery. The battery can help you to keep the heating element warm for more than 4 hours. You can choose the temperature, between the Celsius and Fahrenheit.


Charging Coaster

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The convenient charging coaster is designed with a USB port. It can be used in your home and office very easy. You just need to set this mug on the coaster and charge it fully based on your need.


Easy to Carry

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The design of Muggo is very sleek. This kind of design makes it awesome to carry everywhere you want, from home to office, car, and outdoors. Muggo is made with an innovative engineering solution, it makes this mug stronger.


Easy to Use

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How to use it? It is very simple. You just have to pick the temperature that you want. After that, press the – or + button. You can start to enjoy your coffee and tea at a perfect temperature.



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If you use the coaster, you need 3 hours for this mug. If you use USB-C to charge this mug, you can plug the cable into your computer and wait for 4 hours. The designer also designs the convenient coaster that can fit with all of the cup holders, you can make your drink warmer with the cigarette lighter USB adapter



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Muggo has some best features for you. It is a waterproof mug which is easy to clean. The material comes in a high durability with 360 ml of capacity. Muggo is a lightweight mug, the weight is only 140 g with 8 cm of the diameter and 21 cm of the height.

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