Ooni Koda Gas-Powered Outdoor Pizza Oven: Your time is precious, so make it count.

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Ooni Koda is a pizza maker that is super practical and fast. The stylish appearance of this making pizza maker can be used as a decoration in your kitchen when you have done with it. This tool will also save you time because it only takes a short time to make a pizza. That way, you can also use it during garden parties in your home.

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Ooni Koda is known to be very fast at making pizza, this is because the device has the right temperature and also the technology that has been adjusted to cook pizza perfectly. The company is also a huge player in making outdoor cooking products, so by innovation, they got the perfect component to create the best product.

This tool is ready to be used for cooking in just 15 minutes since it was assembled. With a temperature of 500 centigrade, Ooni Koda can cook pizza in a super fast way. Other than pizza, you can also use this oven for steaks, vegetables, and fish.

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Even though Ooni Koda is already very unique in it’s cooking way but the company didn’t forget the display as it looks quite catchy in your kitchen, plus it can also be stored easily.

If you are worried about dust and air corrosion that can make it quickly damaged, you can prevent it by folding the product. Assembling it isn’t difficult either, so you don’t have to worry about getting into trouble when you need to assemble it again.

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The price tag of Ooni Koda itself is quite affordable, considering its extraordinary functions. This cooking oven is priced at $ 299 which is a bargain.

By spending under $ 300, you can already enjoy the pizza Ooni Koda made in less than two minutes. Yap, this product can cook a pizza perfectly in just 60 seconds. Not just an incredible speed, the taste itself is comparable to the quality.

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Ooni Koda is also equipped with an FSD or safety device to stop the gas flow to this device when the gas is on but the flame goes out. This pizza maker is also compatible with large propane tanks to better suit your needs.



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