Biomega OKO LOW STEP: the future of inner-city travel

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The OKO LOW STEP is a futuristic bike that will make your cycling experience much more enjoyable. Comes in white and pink paint with medium size, this bike looks very elegant and simple at the same time.

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Not only does the model looks cool but this bike also has a very strong frame. What’s more unique is that even though it has a huge build but the weight is still quite light. The weight of this bike only reaches 18.6 kg including its fenders. The Danish company’s bike even got the label  “the future of inner-city travel” according to Wallpaper magazine

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The main feature of the OKO LOW STEP bike is that there is a battery that has very strong power. This one electric bicycle implanted a powerful lithium-ion battery so you can travel a distance of 45 km to 65 km before the battery runs out. This certainly benefits those of you who are easily tired of exercising. You can peddle it first and go home using electric power.

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Another the advantages of the OKO LOW STEP is that the bike is having a chain that is super strong and doesn’t bother you. There is none whatsoever troublesome here, it means that it won’t make your clothes damaged because of being caught in a loose chain.

Or prevent your pants from getting dirty due to the attached chain oil. This will not happen because the chain of this bicycle has a belt drive from Gates Carbon. That way, you will enjoy riding your bike a lot more.

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This futuristic OKO LOW STEP is priced at a fairly affordable price, considering all the advanced features it offered. You can get this super light bike at a price of $ 3,371.25. As for the limited edition in pink, there are only 20 bikes offered with a price tag of $3,762.73.

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