Budnitz Model E: The World’s Ultimate Electric Bicycle for Cyclists

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Whatever you might have known about the realm of electric bike is gonna change when you read about the specifications of the e-bike that will definitely take away your breath. The 380lbs bike is the world’s ultimate electric bicycle that will provide an unforgettable cycling experience.


The bike is called Budnitz Model E. The bikemaker claimed that the bike is a responsive, fast plus lightweight that will attract bike lovers. Model E uses a belt drive and carbon forks as the main component and broaden the specs from there.

The driving system uses a German-made Fazua Evation which is a great part to see on the specs list. A design without cluttering control and cockpit throttles provides immediate power when you need 250 W with a maximum output of 400 W.

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Who doesn’t want to have a high-specification electric bicycle like the Model E? This bike is designed with a Flylite cantilever frame that has high performance and performance from the use of aluminum which is extruded and specially hydroformed.

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This bike has a lightweight but it does not reduce its sturdiness. In fact, the Budnitz Model E is perfect for all conditions, including those of you who want to carry it over distances in a matter of miles or kilometers.

The Fazua Evation drive system of this bike has a unique design where you can do a quick release of the motor and battery from the bottom tube. In addition, the holder that is mounted in its place makes the rider can use a standard bicycle pedal.

Budnitz Model E 2

Budnitz really wants to provide real satisfaction for their customers and one way to do that is to provide a 100-mile trial time for the Model E. During this time, you can use the bike to get around for about a month and feel for yourself how the sensation of cycling is more interesting with Model E. If you feel any discomfort and feel it is not just suitable for you, then the bikemaker is ready to return your funds.

Supporting services provided in the form of a 12-month wheel warranty and a 100-year guarantee are the main attraction why many people are after them. So, the rider will not need to worry if there is damage or something wrong with the bike.

Budnitz Model E 1

In addition, Budnitz also anticipates a theft occurrence. As for this situation, it depends on what happened and other factors. In some cases, you will be given a 20% discount for a replacement by reducing insurance. However, in other cases, the bikemaker will allow you to get a replacement at no cost.

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