Tinker Vario: The Epitome of Straightforward Urban Mobility

Tinker Vario 4

Tinker Vario is that type of modern bike that looks super simple but got very useful features to be used in everyday life, especially in the modern era. With a simple design, this bike provides comfort to everyone who drives it.

Tinker Vario 2

A fantastic price pushes the bikemaker to provide only the best features which in a way is also very fantastic. Comes with 3 colors, the prospective buyers of Tinker Vario can choose the bike to be in black, orange, or blue.

With a fairly premium price considering its class, Tinker Vario does have many excellent specifications that can be enjoyed by those who love cycling. With the Bosch Drive CX Unit Performance engine, the riders can cycle at a maximum speed of 25 km per hour.

Tinker Vario 3

In addition, this bike has an Enviro gear hub that is durable and not easily damaged or worn. With a comfortable pedal, the rider can also adjust it to their own height. In that way, the Tinker Vario riders will not change gear often because it is guaranteed to last. To cap it all off, this bike also does not require special and expensive maintenance

Tinker Vario 4

Other than the cool and comfortable specifications, Tinker Vario also offers another advantage that is very beneficial for its owner, namely the use of disc brakes. The type of brake pinned on this bike is a hydraulic Tektro type disc brakes that will provide the safe to ride anywhere.

Tinker Vario 1

Tinker Vario users can also choose to install a suspension seat post which further adds to the comfort while riding it. There are three levels of elastomers available to help its users get the most comfortable setup for them.

Tinker Vario 6

The special feature that also included in is the cargo. There is a system called “Snapit” that will pinch the cargo attachment perfectly with a volume of 18 L and dimensions of 42.5 cm x 30.5 cm x 12.5 cm. Amazingly, even with additional cargo, Tinker Vario is still a very steady bike to ride.

Tinker Vario 5

The price its prospective owner needs to pay in order to take Tinker Vario home is $ 4694. Of course, the price is equivalent to the features offered by this very sophisticated bike. There are 3 color variants offered, namely orange metallic, azure metallic, and black matt.

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