Capacita: The Smart Cargo E-Bike

Capacita 9

The CAPACITA changes the perception of an e-bike by adding the capacity to pull a lot of rigging around in the front bin and on the back rack, while as yet conveying a wonderful, streamlined bicycle that appears as though it is from the future.

Capacita 9

CAPACITA is much more than a bicycle or a rider, it’s the consistent coordination of all things that completed up with the highlights intended to make your two-wheeled life as basic and consistent as would be prudent.

Adjustable Stem

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CAPACITA fits riders from 5′ to 6’4″ and it got a flexible stem. Movable stems can give you an apparently endless number of riding positions.

Removable Battery

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The battery that the company use in CAPACITA is the high limit Samsung 42V, 10Ah. You can take out the battery to recharge it in your family room, office, or anyplace else.

High Capacity Basket

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Children, adapt, barrels, felines, all the way. The racks can hold a sum of 175 lbs so the entirety of your conveying needs is secured. The high limit front crate gives you a chance to stack up your bicycle without giving up steadiness. With a lot of space for an attaché, an instance of brew, or all the stuff for setting up party – you can hold your back free of packs and still touch the base with all that you require.

Rear Motor

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No entangled and terrible wrench drive, no cumbersome transmission, simply easy power right where you require it. The back-mounted engine keeps the bicycle adjusted and conveys execution straightforwardly to the back wheel.

Disk Brakes

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Valuable payload requires top-notch ceasing power in whatever may happen. Elite disk brakes are ensuring that you can stop on a dime paying little respect to payload or conditions. The CAPACITA brandishes vast 24×2.35 tires. That implies you’ll journey off knocks, and breaks like they’re not even there.

Monitoring App

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Robbery is one of the most exceedingly awful things that can happen to a bicycle. CAPACITA has a coordinated GPS following even when it’s outside of anyone’s ability to see, it’s never out of psyche and, if the unfathomable happens, you’ll have the capacity to point the cops appropriate to your ride. In addition, you will likewise get the wellbeing tracker includes by installing the application.



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The Pure Cycle CAPACITA is available on Indiegogo right now at a cost of $1,499 or 2 for $2,599. The perks additionally include the standard cluster of frill, alternatives, that is normal on crowdfunding efforts.

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