GLIGO E-Ink Smartwatch: Eco Premium Watch with Style

Gligo E Ink Smartwatch 4

The technology of smartwatch is a huge advancement for us, especially the gadget lover and busy notification squad with all the social media hype. But in a way, this techie on our wrist is not so helpful in term of simplicity with all the overcomplicated features.

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The maker of Gligo saw this problem and presented us with the Gligo E-Ink Smartwatch that helps us simplify the “distraction”. Plus it can also complement your unique modern lifestyle.



Gligo E Ink Smartwatch 4

Gligo’s screen is e-ink, and there is no reflection under the sun like customary crystal display. What’s more, it just devours vitality when screen shading changes (e.g., changing from dark to white).

Another favorable aspect of e-ink screen over the conventional display is that it is anything but difficult to peruse. E-ink looks like printed content, making it simpler for the eyes.

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The watch resembles a great wristwatch with style and usefulness. The maker included a functional simple watch hand with quartz over the E-ink show to give the Gligo watch a great look and hybrid watch usefulness.

The watch has a two-stick outline and is furnished with quartz development. The e-ink screen shows the time, date, and notice symbols.

Gligo E Ink Smartwatch 2

There are two different styles for you to choose from: Classic Leather or Stylish Milanese, don’t miss the opportunity to show your style. Robust body with streamline makes this smartwatch resistant to high temperature, corrosion, and tear and wear, allowing for a long-lasting use.

2 Years Battery Life

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The quartz is kept up by a non-battery-powered cell coin battery and regularly keeps ongoing for at least 2-year, while a different battery-powered battery is utilized for the e-ink display and related hardware and can last up to a half year on a charge. Brisk, helpful attractive charging innovation can be utilized to give charging capacity to the E-ink screen alone.

Gligo E Ink Smartwatch 1

The GliGo Watch application enables your Gligo to interface consistently with your telephone, empowering you to get to put away data progressively, utilize your Gligo to take pictures, and program your updates.

The GLIGO will come with a smartphone app that connects via Bluetooth. It will allow you to customize different watch faces. It also can display fitness information such as heart rate and health monitoring. You can display texts, calls, and notifications as well.

Gligo E Ink Smartwatch 3

GLIGO’s a la mode, the moderate design is fit for any event. It accompanies a 316L fine steel case that can withstand profundities down to 30 meters. You can get one by backing them on their Indiegogo page here.

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  1. Just got my watch #GliGoWatch. It won’t charge and there is no way to contact the company as they don’t reply. It is slowly on the way down to zero E-ink background. At the best it is a novelty, at worst it is a scam

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