HyperJuice: The Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack

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Currently running out of batteries during traveling is no longer an excuse. More and more vendors provide Power Banks or portable battery pack that can recharge device battery anywhere and anytime, so you don’t need to hang it again with a power plug. Sanho Corporation took one step further by creating a product called HyperJuice.

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HyperJuice is claimed to be the first portable battery pack in the world that has 27000mAh of power. This great power allows the user to charge 2 iPad batteries simultaneously and even a MacBook at the same time. HyperJuice has two USB-C ports. 1 USB-C port has 100W output, and 1 USB-C port again outputs 60W. There is also an 18W USB-A port.

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To achieve the maximum battery capacity of 27000mAh, we used 8 x LG Chemical 18650 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery Cells. We narrowed down to 2 possible battery cell configuration and ultimately went with configuration/prototype #2 as it is slimmer, enough to fit in bags/pockets and easier to grab/hold with a single hand. – Sanho Corporation

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HyperJuice can be used to quickly recharge electronic devices like laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Everything can be recharge together at the same time. The weight is also quite light with only 550g. Thus, the size is small enough to be put in a pants pocket.

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The capacity is astonishing, the size is compact but the good thing about Hyperjuice doesn’t stop there. Even though it has a humungous capacity, HyperJuice can be recharged quickly. It only takes 1 hour to fully charge this battery pack. HyperJuice is available with prices starting at $ 159 via their Indiegogo page.



HyperJuice – The Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack


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