Diveroid: Dive Computer + Camera + Logbook, All in Your Smartphone

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Underwater photography is a fairly expensive hobby. Some essential components are needed to help achieve the best. Aside from the camera itself, a special housing to protect it underwater, and a dive computer to monitor important information such as depth and duration are also essential.

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As the market grows, the emergence of a new and inexpensive alternative is imminent. A company from Irvine, United States took the main stage in providing the option by releasing the product called Diveroid.


The developer describes Diveroid as an all-in-one solution for underwater photography, and as you can already guess from the picture, the main component on the product as a camera here is a smartphone.

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Diveroid is an underwater housing for smartphones, complete with an integrated dive computer module. The startup claims that its product is capable to dive to a depth of 60 meters and while diving, its companion application on mobile will display dive data received from the dive computer module in real-time.


To operate it, Diveroid packs three physical buttons that attach directly to the smartphone touch screen, and of course, the display of the application has been optimized for this.

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Unfortunately, the list of compatible phones that can be paired with Diveroid is still limited. If you happen to have some popular models including the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy S10 and Google Pixel 4, you are quite lucky on this.

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Meanwhile, the shooting features on the Diveroid application are abundant. Besides being able to choose several focal lengths, users can also activate the front camera. There is also a real-time color correction feature, which is a red filter to neutralize an image that is predominantly green or blue while the user continues to dive deeper.

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The Diveroid application also packs the logbook feature. Photos and videos that users take during diving have been automatically synchronized with relevant data, so its users can monitor at whatever depth they succeed in capturing a beautiful sea landscape.

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Those who are interested in acquiring Diveroid can go on to the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. The lowest price that the startup set for Diveroid is around $ 299, or about 28% more affordable than the estimated retail price.



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