MEYKO: The Playful Medication Reminder for Children

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Are there any children around you suffers from asthmatic? Asthma is an illness which influences numerous kids, roughly 10% of them around the world. For some, it will fade away and vanish growing up but despite everything, it should be checked intently.

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First incessant sickness for kids, the treatment comprises of a day by day treatment and an emergency treatment through inhalers. But if we are talking about children, the day by day treatment is frequently not taken day by day which prompts more emergency and intricacies. To urge your child to take their pharmaceutical help every day, there is a current trend and adjusted help via Meyko.

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Meyko is an incredible partner, it is a smart reminder toy for medications in kids, making this minute became less awful but rather fun. It works through an application accessible for iOS and Android. In addition, this beautiful doll shape works as a companion.

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It consists of programming the device, the device, and the application will indicate when to take the medication, the medication is scanned with the device, meyko detects it, the child proceeds to take the medication and takes meyko from the hands and will immediately go to the report compliance with treatment. It is also possible to send the report to the doctor.

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Meyko enables children to be in charge of the treatment of their ailment and consoles the parents. Made by a French start-up, Meyko is a lovely initiative which will most likely persuade parents when it is available. For now, you can support this project by becoming the super early bird backers on their Indiegogo page.

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