SONY Tough Card: The World’s Toughest & Fastest SD Memory Card

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We all know that SD Cards are to some degree are too delicate and fragile. For the professional photographer, the SD cards reliability is one of the most key element in building their masterpiece. Up until now the innovation in this sector have been stuck on the size of the SD cards while other sections seem to be invisible. SONY is planning to take one step ahead over the issues and the TOUGH series might be the answer.

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Tending to the requirements of photographers who are dependent upon their photos staying safe when their SD cards are expelled from the camera, the new SF-G series TOUGH run to consolidates the world’s fastest read and write speeds with an ultra-rugged design that is bend proof to 180N, and drop proof to 5 meters.

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The new SF-G TOUGH detail scope of SD cards are 18 times more grounded than the SD standard with world’s first solid structure (one-piece shaping, no vacant space in the card) and materials of high-review hardness, not at all like ordinary SD cards with a thin, 3-section component.

They are ensured against the run of the mill physical harm that can influence regular SD cards, for example, a broken plastic packaging, broken information insurance bolt, and broken connector ribs.

Sony Tough Card 3

This has been accomplished through another implies that it is the world’s first rib-less SD card with no compose assurance switch. These advancements guarantee that the TOUGH series is more impervious to bowing and easy to break parts are removed entirely and has been built by Sony to convey the best equalization of hardness and durability.

Completely sealed with one-piece molding structure, no waterdrop, dust or dirt is not allowed to come into the card, meeting highest grade of waterproof (IPX8) and dustproof(IP6X).

Sony Tough Card 4

The TOUGH SD cards offer a progression of further highlights, intended to give picture takers true serenity. These incorporate an ‘SD Scan Utility’ which enables the client to watch that the card is great condition and File Rescue Software which can recoup information and photographs that may have incidentally been erased.

Furthermore, SF-G series TOUGH specification SD cards are also X-ray proof, magnet proof, anti-static, temperature proof and feature UV Guard.

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Full product details are available on the Sony product’s website. The new Sony TOUGH series of memory cards are available in October. The prices are:

  • $72.99 for the 32GB version (SF-G32T/T1)
  • $131.99 for the 64GB version (SF-G64T/T1)
  • $275.99 for the 128GB version (SF-G128T/T1).
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