MP-CD1 Mobile Projector: A Pocket-Sized Projector for Dynamic Pictures

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 10

It is a projector that can give you bright and light pictures. MP-CD1 Mobile Projector comes in a pocket-sized which is ideal for movie fans, gamers, and also business professionals. You can use this compact projector with your gaming consoles. laptops, and also smartphones.


MP CD1 Mobile Projector 7

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 2

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector has a compact design which is super-convenient. The weight is only about 9.88 ounces. It is very easy to carry this projector, you can put it into your backpack or briefcase. You will always be ready to use it anytime and anywhere.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 1

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector is built with Texas Instruments DLP®3 IntelliBright™ technology. This technology can manage the power and brightness consumption very well. It also offers the high-quality of brightness with minimal heat.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 9

You only need 5 seconds to set this projector up. Connect it with the HDMI cable and press the button. With this kind of simple setup, you can start to present your business idea in a quick mode without any difficulties.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 10

The connection is wireless with HDMI dongle for media streaming. The USB ports and HDMI can accept some media-streaming dongles or devices. You will be able to access some video sources like Netflix and YouTube.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 8

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector is built with a long-life battery. With 5000 mAh battery, you can use the projection for 2 hours. Enough time for your favorite movie.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 3

This projector has a large display with a short throw. The size of the image that comes from this projector depends on the distance. The maximum size, 120 inches, only need 11.32 feet of a distance. It is fine to use it in a small living room.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 5

MP-CD1 Mobile Projector has an automatic keystone correction. You don’t need any tripod. Just place it on your desk or table to get a full-screen display.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 12

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 6

This projector has a premium aluminum design. The clean lines make it beautiful. The unit underside has a socket that fits well with any standard tripods. The whisper-quiet performance makes it noiseless when you use it to watch a movie.



MP CD1 Mobile Projector 13

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 11

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 14

MP CD1 Mobile Projector 4

The fast USB-C charging of this projector is very compatible with portable charges. The MHL or HDMI connectivity makes it able to be connected via cable to Android devices and laptops. The audio output can be connected to external speakers.

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