SONY α6600 APS-C Camera: A full-fledged toolkit for your imagination

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Sophisticated and complete features on a camera will certainly help you to get high-quality images. Sony α6600 APS-C Camera can be the ultimate choice for realizing your every imagination through each of your captures.

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The A6600 will be Sony’s APS-C flagship sensor camera. Sony embeds a resolution of 24.2 MP with a 5-way image stabilizer in the body and 425 focus points. The A6600 camera also features real-time tracking and real-time eye-tracking for humans and animals, including when using video mode.


Solid focal points are distributed with coverage of around 84% of the image area. The Fast Hybrid AF system also combines phase-detection AF and contrast-detection AF to achieve an acquisition speed of 0.02 seconds.

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This camera also has a fast continuous shooting with AF / AE up to 11fps, continuous shooting without noise so as not to interfere, AI-based subject tracking, smooth focus transitions, and real-tracking activity time with touch tracking.

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Sony Alpha 6600 is able to take pictures with a burst capture mode of 11 photos in one second. When used for video recording, the α6600 is capable of recording up to 4K resolution at 30 fps and 1080p at 120 fps.

Sony also equipped the α6600 with a microphone and headphone jack. For video quality, there’s no doubt about it, because the α6600 has S-Log3 and S-Log2 files, making it easy for you to grade colors.

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There are three main features in image stabilization of the Sony α6600. First, pitch and yaw controls are useful when shooting at longer focal lengths. Secondly, horizontally and vertically which will be seen clearly at high magnifications, such as macro photography. Third, roll compensation will be clearly seen in making long-duration films and held by hand.

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By relying on a highly accurate gyro sensor, the camera is able to detect and compensate for camera shake along five different axes, including angles (yaw and pitch), horizontal, vertical and rotation for stabilization equivalent to setting the shutter 5 steps faster.

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The APS-C sensor optimizes the camera to collect light efficiently, wide sensitivity range and low noise performance, even when the ISO setting is buffering. Whereas, the BIONZ X image processor provides exceptional image clarity and texture reproduction.

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One new thing that is used in this α6600 APS-C camera is the use of a new type of battery, the NP-FZ100 which is able to last longer than the old battery series, NP-FW50. Sony claims this new type Z battery offers 2.2 times the ability compared to the NP-FW50.

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The Sony α6600 is resistant to moisture and dust with a front, top, back cover, an internal frame made of lightweight magnesium alloy, but sturdy.

Sony will release the α6600 in November 2019 and has installed a price of $ 1,399 for the body only and $ 1,799 when added with a Sony 18-135mm kit lens.


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