Kona Super Jake: Fully Equipped to Race in World Cup Level

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Although there are various factors that will affect the outcome of bike racing, but in order to have the basic preparation to get a good performance on the racetrack, high-quality racing bikes are a must. Meeting the needs of a world-class racing bike is gonna be a whole lot harder but Kona really intent to tackle the target by introducing The Kona Super Jake.


The brand is already famous with its award-winning Cyclocross racing bike that is common at the elite level and is the best choice for world-class professional racers, such as Kerry Merner. The Kona Super Jake takes all of the great features and designs and is specifically designed to race at World Cup level events.

The bike with Kona Race Light Carbon as its frame material can last all day, including on gravel roads. The presence of SRAM Force 1 components and Easton EA70AX lightweight tubeless wheels make it even more perfect.

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Despite having a lightweight, carbon fiber has been proven to have maximum strength, especially with the efforts of the Cyclocross which not only pursue units of grams but maximize the performance of carbon.

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Kona always strives to create the characteristics of racing bikes with durability and performance in accordance with the expectations of the racers and Super Jake is the ultimate answer as it has an integrated headset that is lightweight, simple and effective.

Just like an internal headset, the integrated headset is also able to reduce the height of the stack so that the height of the bars can be adjusted to the comfort of the rider.

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The bottom of the tube has more thickness so it is more than capable in distributing shock forces, extending the life of the headset pads and eliminating brake vibrations.

With this feature, the rider is able to drive with confidence, strong and balanced, especially with the inherent triangle design. The Kona Super Jake is also very suitable to tackle any rough terrain.

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Super Jake with WTB SL8 Pro saddle has a tubeless rim that makes the tire more resistant to a lot of punctures. In addition, the tire is also able to run even with lower pressure, providing better tire grip, lower rolling resistance and lighter weight compared to traditional tires.

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Kona also took the chance in building this professional racing bike with the Kona Full Carbon Flat-mounted CX Race Disc fork. The bike drivetrain uses SRAM Force 1 11spd and SRAM Force 1160mm front brakes / 160mm rear rotors to help escalate the riding comfort.

The seat post is trusted to Kona Thumb w / Offset, while the cockpit utilized Kona Road Light and Kona Road Deluxe. Overall, the quality materials are embedded in the front tire and rear tire with Vittoria Terreno Mix TNT 700x33c.

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  • Frame Material: Kona Race Light Carbon
  • Fork: Kona Full Carbon Flat mount CX Race Disc
  • Wheels: Easton EA 70AX 700c
  • Crankset: SRAM Force 1
  • Drivetrain: SRAM Force 1 11spd
  • Brakes: SRAM Force 1 160mm front / 160mm rear rotor
  • Seat Post: Kona Thumb w/Offset
  • Cockpit: Kona Road Light, Kona Road Deluxe
  • Front Tire: Vittoria Terreno Mix TNT 700x33c
  • Rear tire: Vittoria Terreno Mix TNT 700x33c
  • Saddle: WTB SL8 Pro




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