Amazon Echo Show 5: Alexa Can Show You Things

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Competition in the home smart audio and display section is heating up after Amazon launches a new series from their Echo lineup called Echo Show 5 which is claimed to be able to help you in your daily activities, such as providing entertainment and getting you closer with family or friends.

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The 5.5 “compact smart screen is designed to keep up with modern times. You can use it to display recipes or how to make a dish, to make an agenda on a digital calendar, to find out the weather and traffic conditions.

The smart screen with a weight of 410 grams is perfect for watching media, TV shows, news, listening to the radio, podcasts and reading e-books. Amazon Echo Show 5 is connected to Alexa in order to provide clear visuals and crisp sounds.

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The compact design makes the Amazon Echo Show 5 is suitable to be placed in any room in the house. Amazon Echo can also help you enjoy music while reading the lyrics on the screen. In addition, you can also follow the headlines and watch a movie together with family or friends wherever you are.

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This smart screen is not only useful for entertainment, but also for making hands-free video calls to the Alexa application or other Echo devices. The Echo Show 5 can be connected to other compatible devices in your home.

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The Amazon Echo Show 5 can also be used to send messages so that you can contact family and friends who have the Alexa application, or Echo devices with screens or Skype.

Amazon Echo Show 5 can be controlled easily. Voice control on the device is easy to manage through the displayed screen. Alexa is also able to demonstrate the security of the camera, light control, and thermostat settings.

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Not only is it easy to control, but this Echo device is also designed with multiple layers of privacy, for example, the sound can be streamed to the cloud if the Alexa device detects the word ‘wake’. The microphone and camera can also be turned off by pressing a button.

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Other specifications embedded on the Echo Show 5 are Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, 3.5mm stereo audio output, the Alexa App, a simple Amazon Wi-Fi technology setup, a MediaTek MT 8163 processor, and a 1-year warranty from Amazon.

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Interesting right? On the case that you want to take the Amazon Echo Show 5 home you need to pay the price tag of $ 89.99. But for a certain period, the smart display will be marketed for $ 64.99. On the package, you will find Amazon Echo Show 5, power adapter/cable, quick start guide, and things-to-try card.


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